《 Outfit 》Mustard knit for the fall

Top: LOFT Regular here, Petite here |   Booties: Jimmy Choo, Here
|  Coat: Zara (old) | Skirt: ASOS (old)

Even though I'm usually the first to complain about the cold weather every year, I really do appreciate New York city for its four distinctly different seasons. Every 3 months, the city itself seems to shed its shell for a new look.
This year, autumn has been especially mild and pleasant, which lead me to finally put on my first sweater last weekend. I wanted to try out a brighter color palette for winter so I got this mustard colored knit from LOFT (on sale HERE). It’s actually a lot brighter within the photos than in person but it's absolutely the perfect complimentary piece for the fall.
They have this in Petite sizes (HERE) but I ended up going a bit larger with a regular extra small. I like how it looks just a little oversized while being cozy and comfortable.

Top: LOFT Regular here, Petite here |   Booties: Jimmy Choo, Here
|  Coat: Zara (old) | Skirt: ASOS (old)

雖然我每次都抱怨不喜歡冷天氣, 只喜歡夏天, 但其實還是很高興,紐約的四季很分明,
紐約今年的秋天不太冷,氣溫好舒服, 一直到11月我才第一次套上高領的毛衣,
這次入手了芥末黃的針織上衣, 希望可以為自己黑色系的衣櫃增添一點顏色,
希望自己在冬天時後, 可以有點讓人開心,看到會提起精神的色彩,

這件 LOFT (這裡有折扣) 的芥末黃毛衣, 實品顏色深一點, 穿在身上, 明亮度剛剛好,
另外, 這件有 Petite 嬌小的尺寸 (HERE), 但我買的是ㄧ般的XS 不是 Petite,
因為我想把它穿的比較寬鬆, 看起來比較休閒舒服的感覺. 想要合身一點的女孩,可以選 Petite的尺寸.

這雙Jimmy Choo 的踝靴是我去年買的, 
我非常喜歡它的鞋型, 鞋頭不會太尖太長,  身高不高的女孩要特別注意不要穿鞋頭太長的鞋子。高度穿起來是舒服的, 經典百搭不敗款式, 是很值得投資的一雙好鞋!

《 Outfit 》Mustard Knit For The Fall http://goo.gl/UFBty4秋冬我總是喜歡穿 All Blakc 全黑,紐約人的招牌色,偶爾換一些明亮的顏色, 可以讓心情更愉悅, 而高調卻優雅的芥末色, 就像秋天的落葉, 美得很舒服。重點,Jimmy Choo 靴子好美󾌧󾌧完整報導:http://goo.gl/UFBty4 LOFT #LOFT

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