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Outdoor brunch is one of my favorite things to do during the summer. On a nice day you'll have the sights and sounds of the city mixed in with comforting food, good conversation, topped off with some ice cold drinks. If you were to twist my arm, and forced me to pick one outdoor lunch spot in New York City as my favorite, then I would have to declare Gallow Green as that spot. If you've ever seen the show “Sleep No More,” you should then be pretty familiar with this rooftop garden bar.
(and btw, if you haven’t seen this show, you should definitely go. It’s a totally different experience from any other show.)

Gallow Green is a rooftop garden bar located on top of the McKittrick Hotel.
The ambiance has kind of an outdoor rustic feel from another era with a hint of rock and roll. The place feels alive and normal like a rooftop garden should, except that there are railroad tracks on this roof along with an old train car being used as a dining room, and a live band. All this on top of a 360 degree view of New York City that can't be beat.

The space is just a lot of fun. I came here for brunch on a weekend recently. It was an unlimited (not bottomless) buffet style meal and you need to go online to make a reservation. The good thing about this process is that you don’t have to wait for your whole party if they have a tendency to be late, you're allotted a few hours so you can just grab a drink and start taking in the views while you wait.

And if brunch is not your thing, you can come here for drinks at night as well. The space transforms into a very romantic garden bar in the evenings which is good for friends and great for couples.

---------------- In Chinese ---------------- 

而Gallow Green 就是最佳的選擇之一.
很多人看過紐約很有名的秀 Sleep No More, 就會對這個露天的Roof Top 酒吧很熟悉.

PS, Sleep No More之前在我書中也有介紹過, 如果妳還沒看過這個秀, 一定要在停演之前來看, 絕對會顛覆你對一般百老匯秀的印象.

Gallow Green是在一間舊飯店的頂樓, 佈置成像是ㄧ個空中花園,
地上的廢棄鐵軌, 一旁的老舊車廂成了用餐的座位, 加上Live 爵士樂演奏, 不少人還放下刀叉, 起身隨著音樂跳起舞來, 頓時有種穿越時空回到過去的感覺.整個用餐的環境真的很舒服.

這裡的Brunch需要先上網預訂用餐時段, 這樣也省去等待的時間, 是All you can eat的方式,
但老實說, 食物真的很普通,別抱有享受美食的心態來, 純粹就是來享受環境與氣氛的.
若是不想吃brunch , 也可以選擇來這裡喝杯酒,晚上的時候這裡就會變成酒吧, 夜晚燈光點亮後又是另一種很浪漫的風格, 白天晚上氣氛完全不一樣.

回到穿搭, 話說紅配綠最美麗, 知道今天吃 brunch的地方是充滿綠色植物,
我便決定穿一件素雅卻很有設計的紅色小洋裝, (笑)
夏天真的很適合穿亮色系的衣服, 而紅色是最基本的,而且年年不退流行,
一件簡單的紅色洋裝穿在身上, 走到哪都是主角, 走到哪都是綠油油的街道陪襯妳.
怕會太正式太優雅的話, 可以搭上平底的涼鞋或綁帶鞋, 簡單 Effortless 的風格, 很適合週末brunch!

如果妳還沒有一件紅色的洋裝, 趁現在換季打折選購一件吧!

---------- What I wore or Similar -----------

Gallow Green at The McKittrick Hotel
542 W 27th St,
New York, NY 10001
(212) 564-1662

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