《 Outfit 》Sky Blue | Plaid midi skirt and Lace-Up Pumps

I was never a fan of the midi skirt until I tried them on last year.

I am a petite girl and I try to avoid outfits and patterns that may make me look shorter. For that reason, I usually gravitate towards mini skirts or long maxi skirts. Midi skirts however have been the hot "it" item the past few seasons and there are some interestingly beautiful variations and patterns out there.

I recently decided to give midi skirts a chance and tried out some of the latest iterations out there and it has become a central piece to many of my favorite looks. I got this plaid midi skirt from Topshop, and no, this is not another one of those floating skirts that Im used to wearing. The fabric is thick but not heavy and it creates a really cute structured look.

For all you girls out there that are small in stature like me, I'd like to suggest that you try matching this dress with a crop-top and some heels to balance out the silhouette. I, however tried a different approach to pair up with this midi skirt. I used an old one-piece dress I had lying around as the top and it worked out pretty well.

I encourage everyone to dig into your closets and pair up some old items with your new pieces. Try out some different variations. You may be surprised by what turns out.

Have fun and stay chic!

--------------- In Chinese -----------------

以前很少會穿中長裙, 因為自己身高的關係,會盡量避開會讓自己看起來矮小的服飾,
一直到去年, 瘋狂的大流行中長裙,和中長度的寬褲, 就愛上這樣的造型風格.
這次穿搭的裙子是最近從 Topshop 購入的單品, 它不樣我平時買的中長裙那麼飄逸, 
它反而是有點厚的材質,(有點像棉熬的材質) 但很輕不重, 

嬌小女孩們在穿這類中長裙時, 可以盡量搭配短版的上衣,和高跟鞋,
不過這一次, 我反而嘗試了另一種搭配方式, 其實這件白上衣,
由於這件裙子很澎, 藏一件薄洋裝在裡面, 完全不是問題.
有時候, 從衣櫃底層挖出一些就的衣服, 換個方式穿搭, 妳會有意想不到的驚喜!

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