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The other day I was chatting with one of my girl friends in Taiwan and she mentioned that she really enjoyed my outfit of the day posts.
However, she felt that some of the outfits I wore were not practical for every day use and that Taiwanese women would probably never dress in that manner as most people there would only dress up for a special occasion or event.

I understand her point but I also had very some opposite views on this. I still remember when I was living in Taiwan. I dressed very causal all of the time as I was very lazy and didn't want to think about what to wear. I recall that I didn’t even want to think about matching my outfits with my shoes.

After I moved to New York City, the thing that stood out to me the most other than the bright lights was that almost everybody here dressed in a way that was a reflection of their own distinct personalities. Everyone looked so charming and they all wore it with confidence. It was then that I started to look into dressing myself better and eventually found my own style.
I realized that through the process I learned a lot about myself and I became more confident as well.

People are young only once in their lives, and life's too short to waste.
Why not put something on that's flattering and make yourself look and feel good?

-------- In Chinese -------

開始寫Style 穿搭的時間才短短幾個月,但很感謝也很開心, 很多觀眾讀者都給予很正面的肯定與鼓勵.(灑花)
寫穿搭時我也大約都是 “講重點”, 我實在也無法對著衣服,落落長的誇獎一大篇..
所以也希望妳們不要覺得, 我的文字內容過於簡單. 畢竟我還寫了兩個語言...腦帶需要轉換..

朋友說: 很喜歡看我的穿搭, 有一些搭配方式是, 台灣的女性好像比較少會穿到的..

我也大概可以了解,  風情的不同, 在台灣, 有時候穿得漂亮一點,正式一點, 就會被問 ”你是要去吃喜酒嗎?” 然後, 真的碰到吃喜酒場合時,  反而有人連牛仔褲拖鞋都穿去…

但到了紐約後, 接觸了很多歐美的文化, 看到很多人即使不追求潮流,
也都可以穿得很有特色, 她們身上的散發出來的特質好迷人,
於是, 我開始學習打扮, 從這些搭配中找到屬於自己的風格, 同時發現因為這樣, 
我開始更了解自己的喜愛,自己的想法, 開始變得更有自信. 

後來到了30這年紀, 更覺得女人的青春年華短暫,
把自己打扮的漂漂亮亮, 穿自己喜歡的衣服鞋子, 好好享受這段青春的美.
何需在意世俗眼光會不會對你的穿搭品頭論足, 是不是?

-----------  What I wore or Similar ----------

大家週末過得好嗎? 一星期的第一天, 和大家分享最近我很喜歡的洋裝, 也和大家聊聊關於穿搭想法這件事...希望你們會喜歡今天的分享囉~報導連結:http://goo.gl/RPsUQY

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