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I've always admired those who can travel alone looking for challenges and adventures like some of my girlfriends. They always tell me that traveling solo is a must-have experience and that everyone should try it at least once in their lives.

Spending time on your own in a new environment is a great opportunity to reset your mind, spirit and well-being as well as reflecting within and finding out what you're in tune with in life.
Although I've been to many destinations, I have never traveled alone but I am open to it and looking to try it someday.

To me, traveling with someone is just more fun. The view is more beautiful when there is someone you can share that view with, and the memories of that view is stronger when two people create it together.
For me, this is the one main reason that I like traveling.

What about you?

-------------------- In Chinese --------------------

關於旅行這件事, 我一直很佩服可以自己單身旅行的人,

特別是自己有幾個女生朋友, 總是可以自己一個人上山下海的,到一些不平凡的地方探險,

有時候, 越難到達的越是去挑戰..
每每問她們單身旅行好玩嗎? 她們總是和我說, 一定要試試看和自己旅行, 很自在很不一樣.
我一直沒有嚐試過, 卻也一直很想試試看.

但總覺得, 一個旅途總是要有個人一起分享才有趣, 一個風景總要有人一起看才美.
有些回憶, 總要有人一起記住才能一起回味..
對我來說, 這才是我喜歡旅行的原因.


This white ruffle top is Grace Jeans from last year and I can't find any of link for you guys. Blew is what I wore and something similar. Hope you all like it too.

這件白色的上衣是去年買的, 品牌是 Grace Jeans,  我也找不到連結, 以下有類似款,我身上其他穿搭. 希望你們也喜歡囉. 

-------------- What I wore or similar -----------

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