《 Outfit 》秋季穿搭與美食 - Brooklyn Crab - Red Hook seafood

I've always had a weak spot for crab in the summer so a few weeks ago I took advantage of the final days of warm weather and took a trip to Brooklyn Crab with Mr. W. This was my first outing in Redhook and I have to say that it is a very charming and interesting neighborhood.

I am not too certain why this of all places has gotten so many negative reviews on yelp, but I personally really liked it.
The seating is abundant and there is an outdoor area as well so that you and your friends can enjoy the breeze and the sun when the weather is nice. It is extremely family friendly with makeshift games to play in the front area and a mini-golf course in the back. Oh, and I forgot to mention the crabs, they were "A-1 / Perfecto  / thumbs up."

I love the vibe of this place and will definitely make a trip back armed with more friends next time. Crabs beware!

Outfit :  Bag: Botkier  /  Shoes: Vans  /  Shorts: Zara  /  Top: Forever21

-------------- In Chinese ---------------

在紐約待了10年後, 其實多多少少的漸漸的失去新鮮感, 
很多地方, 要不是帶朋友觀光, 自己沒有特別原因, 都不太會去, 
有時候, 也很羨慕那些剛到紐約的新鮮紐約客, 
看到他們把我熟悉的紐約再度玩得很精彩, 突然有種羨慕感?!

不過也因為是已經是老紐約客了, 看紐約的角度可能也就有點不同,
越是喜歡往新的餐廳去, 偏遠的地方鑽, 去看看平時不太常去的區域,

所以上次就鑽到 Red Hook的 Brooklyn Crab 吃螃蟹, 這因該算是我第一次來這裡,
雖然這間餐廳的 yelp評價普普通通, 但看在很多螃蟹可以吃的份上, 還是想要來瞧瞧,
餐廳內有很多戶外的座位, 很適合天氣好的時候來, 整個餐廳的設計裝潢很特別,
非常有Brooklyn 的風格, 食物,服務也都不錯, 我覺得並沒有評價上那麼不好, 我個人還是蠻推薦的! 而且這裡很適合很多朋友一起來, 可以吃 share 很多不同的螃蟹, 主播我下一次會想約幾個朋友,一起來大吃螃蟹! 

關於穿搭, 其實這次全身都是舊的衣服, 這些單品也出現過在我穿搭不少次, 
還真的沒有太多可以介紹, 因為是到 Brooklyn, 所以穿著上就會選擇比較輕鬆休閒, 街頭風的感覺. 領子上是一條項鍊, 有點華麗, 再配上優雅的黑色圓帽, 我自己很喜歡這樣兩種有點衝突的搭配方式,  常常就是同樣的單品,不同的搭配, 所以百搭的基本款真的很實用!

Outfit 穿搭 
Bag: Botkier
Shoes: Vans
Shorts: Zara
Top: Forever21

Brooklyn Crab

24 Reed St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 643-2722

《 Outfit 》秋季穿搭與美食 - Brooklyn Crab - Red Hook Seafood看完整報導連結:http://goo.gl/qaAO6g在紐約待了10年後, 其實多多少少的漸漸的失去新鮮感, 很多地方, 要不...

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